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The weekly menu is displayed in the reception for you to observe. The baby unit is equipped with facilities to store and serve feeds, parents are asked to provide sufficient feeds, meals and snacks for their baby. Older babies can have the same meals as we provide for the children if desired and we are able to blend this for them. We provide clean bibs and flannels for the children at meal times. The nursery can provide meals and snacks- Breakfast of toast and cereal is served between 8 am-9.00am, A snack at 9.30am, A nutritious lunch freshly prepared on the premises, includes dessert and a drink is served at 12pm, then a light tea is served at 4pm and consists of a variety of snacks (sandwiches, biscuits, crisps, cakes, pastries fresh fruit and drinks) You may of course send packed lunches and snacks for your child as an alternative to the meals provided. *Please be sure to state on the registration form any known food allergies, intolerance, dietary needs, cultural beliefs or anything your child cannot eat, even if this is not for a medical or cultural belief. We RESPECT any decision you make as a parent as to what your child should/ should not eat.
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