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In the Tweenies unit and Pre- School unit staff will choose a topic for each month and use this topic to base the activities on. We use Play as the centre of our curriculum with the children. All children have a natural urge to Play, needing to explore the world and the objects around them, fuelling their learning process and their early skills. We feel the importance of play can never be underestimated. It is equally important that the Play in which the children engage in is quality Play. We provide the appropriate materials for this quality play along with an understanding and knowledge of when the children need guidance and encouragement and when they need space to make their own discoveries. Our Play activities take many forms. All will stimulate the children’s imagination, give a sense of achievement and help to develop their powers of observation, concentration and communication. We keep a child’s growth and development diary, recording their progress in the nursery, this will be available for you to view at any time. Also after each day they will take home a report form recording the events of the day and informing you of how much they have eaten.
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